Up Next; Germany

The productivityness has returned! Well, today of all days, the day I catch a cold so I’m still fighting the battle to give up and snivel in bed, watching TV. The internet in our house has gotten pretty dodgy right now, it dips almost every hour, so in a way it’s actually a good thing; it keeps me off facebook and I do something worthy of my time. I’m half way through editing the photographs from my trip to the Rhineland-Palatinate [Germany]! Here is another sneak peak…


Thats Bernkastel up there just below the ellipse. That blue sky was lovely… 
See you!


A Late Check-In



It’s been a while, I’m so sorry! Busy with Freshers [even though we're 3rd years, its the same feeling] and moving into our new house. So here’s a few photographs from Turkey to keep you updated and inspired! I chose some personal favourites to show here, but if you like what you see please check out all the others at http://www.flickr.com/photos/aliradford/

I’ll post my finished Majora’s Mask illustration soon, too.


A Fresh New Blog.

‘Sup. Or some other equally as cool opening – okay yes, I’m new to this… sort of. Well, I have a tumblr which I tend to post my ramblings, but it’s sort of just an inspiration board with lots of pretty pictures  that aren’t mine [reblogged, with full credit given!]. So, I’ve decided to make an actual blog where I shall channel all of my own original creative work, adventures and ramblings.


To start you off, here’s a small sneak preview of some photographs I took on my travels during my summer break. I’m working my way through them [trust me, there are so many!] and once I’m satisfied, they’ll be uploaded to my Flickr.

To top it all off, this is just the first adventure. Keep you posted!

- A.